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For anyone wanting to sell their products and services on-line, while keeping headaches and set up costs to a minimum, there’s quite a few solutions to choose from. Get Trolleyed, however, is one very clever package well worth a closer look!

Get Trolleyed stands out from other on-line shopping cart solutions by providing an end-to-end solution. For £300 the package delivers domain registration, secure hosting, credit card processing (via a host of payment gateways including Bank of Ireland’s’ ClikPay service), search engine tools and site statistics. Everything that you need to set up an on-line shop is delivered in a simple shrink-wrapped package. There are no complications - all you have to do is add your products and define your shops’ design. Adding and editing product information and images is easy and can be done with no programming knowledge! Get Trolleyed distinguishes itself by providing you with the ability to edit your store on-line, or off-line using any popular spreadsheet programme, including Microsoft Access and Excel. Design is completely flexible. You can choose from one of the standard themes that are provided free of charge with the package, or create your own look and feel using Dreamweaver, Flash or any other web design tool.

If you have invested in the development of an internet site and would like to become a part of the e-commerce revolution without starting from scratch, Get Trolleyed will simply bolt on to your existing site with a seamless design!

Who should buy it?

Retailers: If you are a retailer uncertain about the benefits of e-commerce, or have a limited budget, Get Trolleyed provides the ability to keep set up costs to a minimum and develop your site over time. “Using the free two-week demo account available from Get Trolleyed, we were up and running in less than 30 minutes and had created a simple store selling everything from the family jewels to computer peripherals. Our test site was built using one of the pre-designed templates, so we won’t make the Deloitte & Touche Top 50, but it certainly illustrated just how easy it was to set up.”

For business with the extra budget or design resources available, and some good planning you can easily turn a humdrum web site into an e-commerce extravaganza.

Web Designers:

Have the freedom to design a high impact e-commerce site, using Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor, without the restrictions and frustrations of template driven solutions.

ISP’s and VAR’s:

Get Trolleyed is also available to ISP’s and VAR’s looking to resell off the shelf e-commerce to retailers and web designers.

IT Opinion

Get Trolleyed

Cost: £300.00 + VAT
For: Link to Dreamweaver
Against: Avoid the Templates

Design Templates……….. 7
Specifications ……………… 8
Ease of Use………………… 8
Value for Money…………. 9

Overall Score : 8

Simon Cunningham


NB:All details correct at time of writing.

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