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Get Trolleyed is the latest entrant in an already crowded market of e-commerce solutions. The service provides catalogue services, a shopping cart and a secure server for transactions - nothing particularly inspiring there. Where Get Trolleyed does distinguish itself from the competition is in cost and the way you create your e-shop.

From sign-up to completed electronic shop, the entire process can be managed via a Web browser: there's no complicated programming or SSL configurations, Get Trolleyed provides a single, unified Web interface to create templates for categories of products, build a product database (with photographs), set up payment options and even set shipping rates and methods. The same interface also provides management reporting information such as how many visitors you've had and what percentage completed their purchases.

For this review, we requested our own demo account via the site (rather that use the one it provides). Part of this set-up process also asks if you already have a merchant account (needed to accept debit and credit cards) and if not, assists you in completing an initial application. Within 24 hours, we received an e-mail from Get Trolleyed with a user name and password. The bank proved equally responsive, telephoning me within the next day to discuss my needs (selling my photographs) and even offered me a solution before I got off the phone.

Using the demo account details, we logged into Get Trolleyed and within 30 minutes had a simple e-shop to sell my photographs completed and fully operational. The site was built with one of its pre-designed templates, so it won't win any design awards, but it illustrates just how simple the service is to use. Fortunately, it offers the means to design custom Web templates offering complete control over the look and feel so you can ensure the shop fits in with the rest of your client's site.

Get Trolleyed provides a simple to use, yet highly flexible, means of setting up an electronic shop. If you have a client who needs an electronic shop, sign up for a demo account and try it out.


NB:All details correct at time of writing.

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