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Get Trolleyed Features
Packed with features Get Trolleyed is designed to provide small and medium sized businesses with an e-commerce solution to set up shop on-line. Listed below are the features of the software:

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Multiple Access
Give people access to just one section if relevant

Shop Pages
Choose what products appear on what pages

Description, RRP, Associated items, Images

Special Offers
Offers appear instantly on shop pages

Postage Rates
Decide what rates shoppers pay

Feedback Form
Customise a contact form

Order Processing
One click payment gateway integration

Add news articles with a couple of clicks

Product Features

  Add/Edit/Delete Products - using Admin the online admin system.
  Create Multiple Shop Admin Users - (allows you to give shop owner/assistant access only to parts of the admin system that you feel they will need).
  Allows up to 10,000 products.
  Unlimited product variations, such as size and colour (which can also be price adjustable).
  * Fast database using MySQL.
  * Link to separate product information pages (or show a pop-up instead) with a separate (longer) description.
  Have both Thumbnail images and Large Images (which can be different).
  Special Offers can be added to the system and shown on the home page.
  * Top products list for homepage - show your best selling products in a 'Top 10 of what to buy' section.
  Can calculate the cost of postage based on the order value.
  * Ability to band postage based on the customer's shipping country. Enable/disable countries from admin system.
  Specify Product weights to allow postage to be calculated to total order weight.
  Able to specify a minimum order value.
  * Discount Codes which can be individually allocated to specific customers eg: 5 or 10% off.
  * Associated Products - eg Your product is a computer, you can also advertise the mouse and keyboard on the same page, thus creating add on sales.
  * Cross Merchandise - once a product has been added to cart, the customer will see a list of other relevant items to purchase.
Design Features

  Can auto generate shop pages (from a template set).
  Customisable Template Sets.
  Comes with several already created templates to get you on your way.
  Add Meta Tags/Titles to any pages generated by GT.
  * Product Pop-ups or product information pages.
  Fully customisable Feedback Form.
  * Updatable News Page with images.
  * Updatable Links Page with images.
  Splitable product pages - can show n number of products per page.
  * Quick reminded of products and cart total can be displayed on every page.
  * Add images to pages through the admin system.
Payment Features

  Display products with/out VAT (or other tax system as appropriate to your country).
  Allows Set-up of selectable Postage Rates, able to put in cut off points of weight/total cost.
  * Set maximum/minimum Total Cost or Total Weight.
  Connections to Payment Gateways (click here to see details).
  Also non-credit card systems in place including Nochex and PayPal.
  Can still pay by Phone, Fax, Post and Invoice.
Reporting Features

  Create printable lists of all products (can be sorted as required).
  Display Inactive/Out of Stock Products.
  Basic Web Stats (requires website logs).
  Can analyse sales data, and create a printable report.
  Detailed back Orders section. Can set the status on Orders (Paid and Unpaid).
  All Order details can be exported from the system in CSV (Comma separated Value) format.
Advanced Features

  Edit Database offline through a Spread Sheet or Database Editor.
  Create Pages by hand.
  Page/Product Descriptions can be customised using special tags or standard HTML.
  Updatable E-mail/Customer confirmation messages as seen when customer places an order.
Items marked with * are only available in the latest version of Get-Trolleyed (please contact us for more details).

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